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Evaluation/ Examination Pattern

  • Examination reforms if any introduced during the period of autonomy

        The continuous internal assessment is a part of the semester system of the examination. Weightage is given to classroom performance, submission of term papers, regularity in attendance, conduct and extracurricular activities, etc. The students are assessed periodically and their inputs are recorded. Supplementary examinations are held at the end of final year for both UG and PG candidates who will complete their arrear papers within a month of the announcement of the result.


  • Question paper setting for final examination [Internal/ External/Combined]

        This is done by external examiners to make the whole process confidential. The PG papers are valued by both internal and external examiners. The same is applied to practical examinations also.


  • Evaluation (completely internal/external/partly external and internal)

        Evaluation in PG is partly internal and partly external. In UG it is done only by external examiners.


  • Proportional weight age of continuous internal assessment and final examination

(Also indicate break-up for assignments, tests, etc. for awarding continuous internal assessment)

        The proportional weight age for internal and external evaluation is 25 and 75.The break-up for assignments, tests, etc., is as follows.


    •       Assignments                     -        10
    •       Tests                                -        10
    •      Classroom Performance    -        5
  • Criteria for passing and classification

        In PG courses 10 is passing minimum in CIA and in courses there is no minimum. In external evaluation in PG 30 is the passing minimum out of 75 and in UG it is 27 out of 75.In the total the PG candidate should have the aggregate of 50 and the UG candidate the aggregate of 40.


  • Is a grading system adopted? If yes, indicate the method of awarding grades

        Grading system is proposed to be adopted in the coming academic year, 2005-2006.


  • Is there any qualifying board to declare the result? If yes, indicate the constitution and function

        There is an examination committee which will discuss the results and arrive at the conclusion regarding moderation, etc. It is constituted by the Principal every two years. It will comprise senior members of staff in each of the faculties of Arts, Science, Commerce and the Languages, Tamil and English. The committee will pass the results by adopting resolutions.


  • While declaring the results is any moderation done? What are the criteria adopted for moderation?

        The moderation is done by adopting the yardstick of difficulty level, representations from students regarding out of portion questions etc. Generally 2 marks for a border case PG candidate and 3 marks for a border case UG candidate is awarded so that the candidate can pass the particular paper.


  • Is there provision for improvement?

        Yes. There is provision for improvement of any paper in UG or PG. If it is higher in improvement it is taken for the reckoning


  • For practical examinations are the examiners internal or one external and one internal?

        One internal and one external examiners.


  • Has any question bank been set up? If yes, give the subject

        Question bank system is there in the subject of Indian Culture and Tourism.


  • Has a credit system been introduced?

        Decided to implement credit system from 2005-06 onwards


  • CLP (Computer Literacy Program) Examination.

        Every year Computer Literacy Program conducts an exam for students of various major  under the Director of Collegiate Education ,Chennai.For this ,students are attending  both theory and practical classes. In order to provide computer literacy to all students this scheme is functioning successfully under Government of Education Department.

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